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Washington University in St. Louis is committed to community engagement and service, which takes many forms at the university – including volunteerism, advocacy, education and philanthropy – which, when integrated, create the greatest possibility for community development and student learning.

At WUSTL, learning and community service intertwine in real and meaningful ways.

  • A majority of WUSTL students participate in community service during their time at the university.
  • Faculty work to support student engagement by offering community-based courses and leading community-engaged research that has notable social impact.
  • Staff implement signature programs each year that exemplify WUSTL's commitment to service.
  • Community partners collaborate with WUSTL students and faculty on an ongoing basis as a way to advance their missions and help train the next generation of civic leaders. The results are mutually beneficial and long lasting.

Gephardt Institute for Public Service

The Gephardt Institute for Public Service supports members of the university community in contributing their time and talents, applying their scholarship and expertise, and discovering innovative ways to make a positive impact on communities worldwide. Initiatives supported by the Institute include sustained community partnerships, co-curricular service, community-based teaching and learning, international service, and programs promoting civic life and public service careers. In encouraging students to develop a lifelong ethic of service to society, the Institute also engages alumni and older adults in its activities.

Community Service Office

The Community Service Office serves as the major initiative of the Gephardt Institute supporting co-curricular service among undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The office is a catalyst for students to connect with, build and sustain meaningful service initiatives in partnership with the St. Louis community.

To learn more about WUSTL’s commitment to community service, please visit the websites of the Gephardt Institute for Public Service and the Community Service Office.

Institute for School Partnership

The Institute for School Partnership connects St. Louis schools with WUSTL, empowers educators with teaching resources and develops research-informed classroom best practices. The goal of the Institute for School Partnership is to design and model strategic partnerships between K-12 and higher education that are focused on improving students’ development and success.

Explore WUSTL’s community engagement with local schools by visiting the Institute for School Partnership website.