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Millstone Plaza

Millstone Plaza is located in the center of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It provides a convinient space for students to go outside between classes, or occasionally a place to teach. Having a number of buildings surrounding it and walkways above it, the plaza is very intimately connected with the buildings.

Isador Edward Millstone
I. E. Millstone

The Millstone Plaza is named after Isador Edward Millstone, commonly known as "I. E.". Millstone was a St. Louis native who graduated from the Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science in 1927. After the Great Depression, he started Millstone Construction Inc., which throughout the years has built a number of buildings, most notably the old Busch Stadium, Mercantile Tower, and the Federal Building. He also was the president of K & M Investors.

I. E. Millstone has provided substantially for the students of Washington University. Millstone worked during the summers as a lifeguard to pay his college tuition, but now desires to help students as that is no longer feasible. Every year, more than 60 students recieve scholarships from his contributions. He has also contributed significantly to the Jewish Community Centers in St. Louis. He assisted in the construction efforts of Israel by donating services to build emergency housing for immigrants to the new state. The Millstone Pool in the Athletic Complex is also named after the champion swimmer, I. E. Millstone. On June 6, 2007, Millstone turned 100 years old.