Commercial Filming and Photography

Washington University in St. Louis, as a private institution, owns the exclusive rights to images of its buildings, grounds, landmarks and all other property.

Written permission to use any of the university’s property to photograph, film or video or audio record for entertainment, commercial or freelance purposes is required. The university also owns the exclusive rights to its names and nicknames, as well as its official symbols.

Prior to any use of university name and property for such purposes, permission requests must be submitted to Washington University, that include:

  • A written statement of intent, describing the reasons and purposes for using university property
  • Certificate of liability insurance, naming the university and its employees, students and other agents as insureds in the minimum amounts stated on the agreement form
  • A copy of the script, where one is being used; where no script is being used, the statement of intent must include a description of how university images will be used

Mail, email or fax the statement of intent and the required attachments to:
Anne Copeland Davis
Executive Director, Multimedia
Office of Public Affairs
Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box 1070
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63130-4899
Telephone: 314-935-5251

As a rule, the following conditions apply:

  • Agreement to identify “Washington University in St. Louis” in the credits as a location for feature-length productions
  • Agreement to pay fees for various uses of the university’s campuses
  • Restrictions issued on a case-by-case basis for use of the university’s name, nicknames, publicly recognizable facilities and recognizable images of persons — based on script content, shooting angles or any other factor that might imply university endorsement of or agreement with the purposes for which the work is being done
  • Clearances from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Students for the use of any students in feature-length productions, commercials, advertisements, etc. (At no time will non-enrolled models be permitted to pose as enrolled Washington University students.)
  • All photography, filming or video or audio recording must be conducted at a time and place least likely to be disruptive to the academic process and student life.

Please direct inquiries to the Office of Public Affairs, 314-935-5230, or

Revised January 2019