Photo Use Policy

The photos owned by Washington University in St. Louis and displayed on are provided free to media representatives for purposes of news coverage. All other uses are prohibited.

Washington University’s granting of access to this site and the imagery contained on it does not imply unlimited use permissions nor any release of copyright restrictions.

Washington University-owned images are provided for one-time, news-related use only. Use of images in commercial, non-news-related publications and websites, or any other for-profit use, is prohibited. If images are to be used on a news website, their use must be of finite term (i.e., images may not remain online indefinitely). Long-term use is prohibited.

Appropriate image credits for each image must be used. Images shall not be displayed online in the high resolution format provided on this site, but must be reduced to screen resolution (72 dpi) and may not display larger than 640 pixels on one side. Digital images may not be redistributed for third-party, non-media use.

Washington University’s Office of Public Affairs reserves the right to withhold access to images if false representation is suspected or there are questions about intended usage.

Washington University is not responsible for any errors created in or damage to the materials as a result of their use.

Copyright restrictions may apply to non-Washington University photos used on this site.

Revised September 2015