Advertising and Promotions

Student organizations and Washington University in St. Louis departments are encouraged to publicize and promote their activities to the university community.

The Student Group Handbook contains policies that must be followed to accommodate effectively the numerous groups and events at the university.

Posters, Flyers and Other Notices

The following policies include bulletin boards inside and outside of the Danforth University Center, Mallinckrodt Center and the Ridgley Arcade.

  1. All posters, flyers and other notices must clearly state the name of the student organization, the title and date of the event, and the date of posting. They may remain posted for one week prior to the event. Posting may not make any references to alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Sexist and discriminatory materials are not allowed.
  2. A maximum of two flyers per bulletin board or kiosk is allowed. Posting on top of other flyers is not allowed. Tacks and staples must be used to attached flyers to bulletin boards.
  3. Each week, on Sunday afternoons, the bulletin boards will be cleared. Current postings will be reposted. All other postings will be discarded. Event Management may not be held liable for damaged or worn postings.
  4. Posters, flyers and other notices may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, trees, lampposts or sidewalks.
  5. Student organizations are responsible for removing all of their publicity immediately after the event.
  6. Violations of these policies will result in materials being removed and sponsoring organizations being subjected to disciplinary action and the cost of any necessary repairs.
  7. Student groups may contact Student Union for PR assistance and full posting policies.

Oak Walk Banners

A limited number of spaces along Oak Walk are available to hang professionally-made vinyl banners to promote events for student groups and university departments. View policies and procedures for Oak Walk banners on the Event Management website.

Underpass Sections

The underpass between the South 40 and the main campus has been divided into sections that can be painted to promote student group events. Sections may be reserved by all Student Union-registered groups through the Student Union website.


Chalking is allowed on uncovered sidewalks. Chalking is not allowed on building walls, trees, covered sidewalks or any other surface. Chalk walls are available for reservation in the Danforth University Center.

Promotional Tabling

Reservable tables may be used for activities such as recruiting members, publicizing events or fundraising.

Table Tents

Table tents may be placed on tables in dining areas only with the permission of the management of Bon Appetit.