What’s New on WUSTL.edu

Welcome to the redesigned wustl.edu.

Our charge: create a new front door to our online environment — one that projects a fresh, modern look that better communicates who we are and our strengths as a leading research institution.

Read on to find out what’s new on wustl.edu. Explore the new site and don’t forget to share your feedback!


We’ve reimagined our front door.

The effort has been as much “science” as “art.” We started by spending a lot of time studying analytics and other data to get a solid sense of who is visiting wustl.edu and what they experience on the site. We also solicited the input of many partners across the university. Only then did we get to work on designing the new site – with simplicity, beauty and an exceptional user experience as our priorities.

Then and Now screenshots of wustl.edu home page

Visit wustl.edu on any Device

The new website adapts to any device, from your smartphone to your tablet to your desktop computer.

the new website works across many devices

Improved Accessibility

Not only is the site accessible on all mobile devices, the site now also meets many of the accessibility standards set by Section 508 §1194.22 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act (the current standard of legal compliance for U.S. government institutions) and the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

Easy-to-Find Popular Links

We used Web analytics data to determine the links our visitors use most often, and we’ve included those links on the home page. We also repositioned some links to make it easier for new visitors to find what they need. If you’re looking for the sort of links that help you with your everyday tasks at the university, start by checking out the list of links under your role type (e.g., faculty, staff, student) on the home page or in the site footer.

audience-based navigation links on wustl.edu Home Page

The most popular links for WashU roles are available on the wustl.edu home page.

wustl.edu footer links

Links to resources for “our people” are also available in the footer of each page on the website.

A New, Simplified Navigation

We simplified the site’s main navigation to contain four key categories of information:  “Academics,” “Research,” “Campus Experience” and “Who We Are.”  Each has content that is relevant to the wide range of audiences that visit the site (e.g., prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, parents and families, St. Louis community members, peer institutions, etc.). These categories are more general than the navigation options on our old site, in part because they are designed to give every user the opportunity to explore and learn the full breadth of what WashU is all about.

crop of top level main navigation for wustl.edu

SOME Menu Options Are No Longer in the New Navigation Menu

  • For “Admissions,” look for “Apply” in the upper left of the screen, or select “for Prospective Students” in the gray navigation options under the home page video.
  • For “About,” choose “Who We Are” in the main navigation menu.
  • For “Medicine & Healthcare,” if you want to find a doctor or learn more about Washington University Physicians, choose “WU Physicians” in the upper right of the screen. To learn more about the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, select “Academics” in the main navigation menu, then choose “School of Medicine;” alternately, select “School of Medicine” from the footer menu. To explore medical research at Washington University, select “Research” in the main navigation menu, then choose “Medical Research.”
  • For “Libraries,” select either “Academics” or “Research” in the main navigation menu, then choose “Libraries.”
  • For “Arts & Culture,” select “Campus Experience” in the main navigation menu, then choose “Arts and Culture.”
  • For “Athletics,” select “Campus Experience” in the main navigation menu, then choose “Athletics.”

WashU Directory Is on Every Page

We know the directory is an important tool, so we’ve made it easier to find. Reach the directory from the “Directory” link at the upper right of every page.

Searching the Site

Use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the screen to type in what you’d like to search.

Easy-to-Find Campus Maps

For full information about visiting Washington University’s campuses, select “Visit” in the upper left of the screen. From this page, choose “Maps, Directions & Parking,” or select “Who We Are” in the main navigation menu, choose “Our Campuses,” and select “Maps, Directions and Parking” from the menu on the right side of the screen. Maps, Directions and Parking is also located in the footer of every page.

New Site Colors

Perhaps the most obvious change to wustl.edu is its new look. The site colors – red and gray along with accent colors – all align with the official WashU color palettes. Green is still one of our heritage colors, but we only use it as an accent. To learn more about the new colors and fonts and to access a range of communication resources, visit marcomm.wustl.edu.

Inspiring Language and More Personal Tone

We developed the tone of voice on the home page not only to inspire visitors who are just beginning to explore the university, but also to telegraph what is unique and distinct about WashU. This language was informed by a year’s worth of research with more than 8,000 individuals representing faculty, staff, students, alumni and community leaders. The research helped us understand how we are perceived by others, what makes our university stand out from competitors, and why individuals choose to study or work here.

Longer Home Page

Above the fold” was once an industry standard in Web design, but no longer. The varied screen sizes of computers and mobile devices limit the amount of information that can easily fit “above the fold.” Scrolling is necessary and is now an expected part of the online experience. The longer home page also offers unique opportunities for new and different ways to illustrate the best of WashU. Though the full “journey” down the home page is a little longer, you will find multiple ways to get to your desired destinations quickly.

A New Central Hub for News and Other Stories

We’ve created The Source, which is a new centralized, one-stop source for everything that is going on at WashU.

header and navigation menu for the Source

The Source combines what was previously located at news.wustl.edu, magazine.wustl.edu and record.wustl.edu, making it easier for you to connect with stories of interest and share them with others in your network.

If you would like to share your thoughts about the new wustl.edu, please provide your feedback.