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We are a community where you can be an individual and achieve exceptional things. We are committed to learning and exploration, to discovery and impact.

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Together, we are investing in the future, driven by a passion for excellence and the desire to benefit our community, our nation and our world.

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We are driven to meet the world’s challenges.

Washington University is a place where you can push the boundaries of what it means to learn. We are enriched by wide-ranging exploration and inspired by big ideas as we create new knowledge for an ever-changing world.

The new rules going into effect open the door slightly to allow non-accredited investors to invest small amounts into startups, said Cliff Holekamp.

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New Crowdfunding Rules

Veterans bring a maturity and a commitment to teamwork. I think veterans bring a ‘we’re going to get through this together’ attitude that supports the entire class.

David Marold

David Marold

2016 School of Law graduate

David Marold