Strategic Priorities

Washington University in St. Louis is building a better world by preparing and supporting more effective leaders with the knowledge, experience, dedication and creativity to tackle complex problems. We are a community of people driven to meet the world’s challenges.

Through our partnerships and path-breaking research, we’re working together to shape the future of our university, our region and our world. We believe that advancements happen when diverse ideas, approaches and thinking intersect.

Advancing Human Health

We are bringing together many scholars, disciplines and diverse partners to address complex health issues facing the St. Louis region and the world.

Diversity and Inclusion

Washington University embraces differences. We aim to create a welcoming and collaborative community of people of great ability from all backgrounds, encouraging our faculty and students to be bold, independent thinkers.

Global Engagement

We strive to infuse global awareness into all aspects of education. Washington University’s global initiatives offer international collaboration, research and learning opportunities that empower our students, faculty and staff to work toward a better world.

Energy, Environment and Sustainability

Washington University is reducing its environmental impact while developing new research aimed at forging a more sustainable future.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A hub of innovation, Washington University inspires entrepreneurial efforts. We provide the infrastructure, educational programs and research support to tap the entrepreneurial spirit of our faculty and students.