Arts and Culture

Experience the vibrant array of arts at Washington University.

Lunar New Year

From world-class professional performances, lectures and exhibitions to concerts, theater, dance, art shows and writing workshops, we are a leading resource for cultural offerings in the St. Louis region and beyond.


Performing Arts

Edison Theatre presents a season of varied and acclaimed public performances each year.

PAD students dance practice

The Performing Arts Department in Arts & Sciences features world-class theater, dance and music performances. The Department of Music in Arts & Sciences presents an extensive lineup of public concerts including student, faculty and guest performances.


Visual Arts

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

From the outstanding collection and special exhibitions at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, to the numerous galleries and installation spaces around campus, to rigorous and interdisciplinary academic offerings, both casual visitors and dedicated artists will find a host of excellent visual arts resources on campus.

Literary Arts

For anyone interested in the literary arts, we offer a number of opportunities to engage with instructors and other writers on campus.

Assistant Professor Ignacio Infante teaches his World Literature class.Apply to be a part of the intensive and energetic Summer Writers Institute and High School Summer Institute in Writing. Current students can also receive help and develop writing skills at the Writing Center.