Bryan Hall

Bryan Hall was dedicated on April 26, 1970, in honor of Charles W. Bryan Sr. and Jr., for “The advancement of teaching and research in engineering and applied science.”

This building underwent a comprehensive renovation as part of the Driving Discovery project.

Charles Bryan Sr.

Charles Bryan Sr. graduated from Washington University in 1884 from the School of Engineering, with a degree in Civil Engineering, went to work as a bridge designer and builder, and later became the chief engineer of a large company that built bridges, buildings and other structures throughout the world. He was the author of the treatise “Modern Framed Structures,” considered to be a classic in its field. He eventually brought his son to Washington University.

Charles Bryan Jr.

Charles Bryan Jr. also graduated from the School of Engineering (class of 1922) and designed such things as piers for the Hell Gate Bridge, part of the N.Y. subway system, a dam and power plant in Canada, and a shipyard for the Federal Shipbuilding Company in New Jersey. He established the university’s Frederick Aldin Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund and served on the university’s Board of Directors. He retired as president of the Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company.