Catholic Student Center

The beautiful edifice that now houses the Catholic Student Center at 6352 Forsyth was originally built in 1910 as a private residence for George W. Taylor.

The house has many distinctive features – the legacy of European craftsmen who remained in St. Louis after the World’s Fair of 1904. Monsignor Glynn had become chaplain for the Washington University Newman Community in 1950. It was he, along with a group of patrons, who were extremely instrumental in acquiring and developing the facilities as the Center for Catholic Students of Washington University in St. Louis.

In 1964 construction was completed on a wing adjoining the southwest corner of the residence. This wing extended over the spacious gardens, some of which remain on the south side of the present chapel. Monsignor Glynn continued his Newman ministry there until 1989 and was briefly replaced by Father Larch Fiedler. In 1991, Father Gary Braun became the director of the vibrant, active community.