Washington University in St. Louis eTransact provides campus organizations with a secure and cost-effective way to conduct business operations online.

This flexible service supports a wide variety of e-commerce needs, including the sale of merchandise, subscriptions, event registrations and donations.

eTransact is made possible through the university’s partnership with a third-party payment processing application (CASHNet) that processes credit card payments and electronic check payments.

Current Sites and Events Using eTransact

Benefits of eTransact

eTransact provides donors, students, alumni and others with a secure location to enter their credit card information, helping to protect their sensitive data. Any visitor making an online transaction will recognize the eTransact logo and know they are using a verified and secure Washington University site.

Other Benefits to Using eTransact Include:

  • keeping sensitive credit card data off the Washington University network.
  • achieving the first step in PCI DSS compliance.
  • centralizing credit card processing at the university with one provider, which allows for better controls, reporting and pricing.
  • processing online transactions via an eTransact storefront or checkout from a department’s own website.
  • feeding transactions directly to the general ledger; revenue recognition will be much quicker as receipt vouchers will no longer be required.

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Guidelines for Current eTransact Clients

The following guidelines have been established by the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Cash and Credit Operations to ensure eTransact sites are in compliance with the Washington University policy on website hosting.

These guidelines will allow customers to have an informed and recognizable experience while using a checkout site.

  • The banner at the top of the storefront should be the department or event’s chosen banner; however, the Washington University logo also should be incorporated into the client’s banner. Versions of the Washington University logo are available on the university’s public affairs website.
  • Clinical Operations clients can access versions of the Washington University Physicians logo on the physicians’ area of the Washington University School of Medicine website.
  • Any use of university trademarks on pages other than the client’s index page and banner need written approval from the university’s Office of Public Affairs.
  • The Office of Cash and Credit Operations requires at least 10 days’ notice prior to a site’s launch that uses eTransact.

Storefront Clients

  • The online experience for customers of eTransact storefront clients begins at the department’s website or the website.
  • Publications advertising the eTransact site should only publish address.
  • Storefronts should contain the eTransact logo and a link to the page. This will ensure customers have access to detailed information about eTransact.
  • Storefronts that accept gifts and donations for the university must be approved by Alumni & Development Programs.

Check-Out Only Clients

Departments must add verbiage to their internal application that notifies customers that the application uses eTransact to facilitate the credit card transaction. Recommended language: “To help protect your financial information, this application uses eTransact to facilitate the credit card transaction. eTransact uses CASHNet to provide our users with a secure method of electronic payment.”

Interested in Using eTransact?

For assistance and more information about using eTransact for online transactions, contact

Need Logo or Image Design Assistance?

For assistance, please contact Kimberly Duncan in the Office of Cash and Credit Operations.