Parking, Animal Leashes, Skateboards and Bicycles

Parking On Campus

Automobile parking on campus is very limited.

Learn about parking on Washington University in St. Louis’ campus on the Parking & Transportation Services website.

Animal Leashes

Washington University in St. Louis policy on animal leashes requires that owners keep their dogs on a leash of not more than six feet while on university property. This policy is consistent with the animal leash laws enforced by each of the cities which border the Washington University campus. Failure to comply with this policy may be considered a violation of the University Judicial Code.

In addition, departments may develop stricter policies regarding animals. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that no university policies regarding animal leashes are violated.

Skates, Skateboards and Bicycles

Washington University recognizes the use of skates, skateboards and bicycles as alternate forms of nonpolluting transportation and recreation. However, if used inappropriately these forms of transportation can cause injures to person and damage to personal property and university facilities. University policy requires individuals using skates, skateboards and bicycles to operate these forms of transportation responsibly. As such, the following acts are prohibited:

  • acrobatics
  • excessive speed
  • jumping on or over steps, benches rails
  • stopping or parking in a manner to block pedestrian paths, steps, ramps or access for those with disabilities
  • skating or riding in buildings or any location where such activity is prohibited by signage
  • any activity which reasonably presents a risk of injury to persons or damage to property

This does not preclude the use of skates or bicycles in sporting activities approved by the Office of Student Activities, Residential Life or Event Services.

Amended October 2006