Scheduling Events in University Space through Individual Departments

The Washington University in St. Louis spaces listed are scheduled by the specific department listed.


Alumni House

The Alumni House may be used only for administrative or alumni functions. It is scheduled through the Alumni Office. For more information call 314-935-5200.

Athletic Complex and Outdoor Athletic Facilities

Including the Football Practice Field, Francis Field, Kelly Field and Mudd Field

These facilities are managed and supervised by the Department of Athletics. They are heavily used for physical education classes, varsity and club sports, intramural sports and recreation. Priority is given to these activities and schedules are made early — in some cases, a year or more in advance. The procedure for reserving and/or renting these facilities is to contact Andrew Koch, director of facilities, at 314-935-4703 and complete a facility reservation request form. Requests must be made a minimum of four weeks in advance. Failure to comply with applicable policies and procedures may be considered a violation of the University Student Judicial Code.

Additional Notes Regarding Mudd Field:

The availability of the field for use will be indicated by four signs. It should be understood that damages to the field that occur while it is posted CLOSED will be considered vandalism. The field is to be used exclusively by Washington University students, faculty and staff.

Patios and Grounds Residential Areas

Certain patios and grounds residential areas are primarily for the use of residents of the specific area. Lounges, etc., may be reserved for events through Residential Life. The outside sound amplification policy will be strictly enforced on the South 40. For more information call the Office of Residential Life at 314-935-5050.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is reserved through Olin Business School General Services.

Steinberg Auditorium

Steinberg Auditorium is scheduled through the Sam Fox School.


Use of Facilities By Individuals and Groups Not Affiliated With Washington University.

During the academic year, the facilities of Washington University are primarily intended for the use of the Washington University community. During the summer, university facilities are traditionally more accessible to non-profit groups not affiliated with the university. The university reserves the right to impose any conditions or limitations upon the use of its facilities that it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. A copy of the complete university policy regarding the use of facilities by individuals and groups not affiliated with Washington University is available in the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Students and Dean of Students.

Candidates and Other Political Speakers

Washington University enjoys tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 501(c)(3) absolutely prohibits the university from participating or intervening, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign. Violation of this prohibition can result in loss of the university’s tax-exempt status. Federal Elections Commission regulations also restrict certain partisan activities, and the State of Missouri Charter that established the university imposes the principle of political neutrality. The Internal Revenue Service and Federal Elections Commission have established limited exceptions to these prohibitions, generally dealing with nonpartisan educational and voter registration activities. Subject to some limitations (see the guidelines), candidates and other political speakers may be invited to speak on campus. University student groups registered with the Student Union may use university facilities for meetings at which participation is limited to members of the university community in accordance with the guidelines. University facilities may also be used to conduct nonpartisan voter training and registration programs designed to increase an understanding of and participation in the electoral process. Such programs must be open to all members of the university community regardless of their political affiliation, and may not be held in coordination with any campaign-related event. University facilities may not otherwise be used for partisan political meetings, receptions or fundraisers.

Effective April 2004