Samuel B. and Charles B. Edison Theatre

The Samuel B. and Charles B. Edison Theatre is located inside Mallinckrodt Center.

The theatre was dedicated on Oct. 12, 1973 in memory of Samuel, the husband, and Charles, the son of Sayde G. Edison.

Sayde G. Edison was the primary donor for the construction of the theater. It was designed by Smith, Entzeroth, and Robert Vicker and Edison Theatre gained recognition in many architecture circles for its unique design. Throughout the year, Edison Theatre invites a diverse array of student and professional performers.

In 1922, Samuel B. Edison founded the Edison Brothers Stores along with his four brothers, Irving, Harry, Mark and Simon. The first store exclusively sold women’s shoes. The first store was called “Chandler’s”, a name selected from a phonebook, to protect the Edison name in case the store failed. That store was a success and they began founding additional stores. In 1929, the company went public and moved from Florida to St. Louis. Later, the Edison Brothers expanded into the clothing industry and founded a number of other stores.