Mallinckrodt Center

Mallinckrodt Center is Washington University in St. Louis’ student union building and performing arts building.

If you ever hear someone mention a building called SUPAC, he/she is referring to Mallinckrodt, which was known simply as the Student Union and Performing Arts Center before it was renamed in 1976.

Designed by the firm of Vickery, Smith and Entzeroth, the building was opened in 1972 and formally dedicated in 1973.

The Mallinckrodt Family

Mallinckrodt Center was named for the Mallinckrodt Family, founders of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Corporation of St. Louis. Both Edward Mallinckrodt Sr. and Jr. were members of the Washington University Board of Trustees, and both the Mallinckrodt family and corporation have been extremely generous to the university over the years.

Some spaces within Mallinckrodt Center are the Edison Theatre, the Campus Bookstore and Bowles Plaza.