Internal Selections

Internal selections at Washington University in St. Louis are held to determine which faculty member from the university can submit an application for limited competition funding opportunities.

“Limited selection” describes funding opportunities in which the external sponsor limits the number of applications that can be submitted by a single institution. If the number of faculty who wish to apply is fewer than the number of applications allowed, an internal selection is not required. If the number of faculty who wish to apply exceeds the number of applications allowed, a faculty committee convened by the vice chancellor for research reviews the proposals to identify the applicants authorized to submit a proposal.

Deadlines for internal selections are typically six to 12 weeks prior to the sponsor deadline.

Search for Funding Opportunities

Explore individual announcements for competitions that detail the competition’s topic, eligibility requirements, award amounts, deadline dates and internal application instructions. You may also view listings of programs by month, upcoming deadlines and links to additional information.

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Comprehensive List of Washington University Funding Resources

For a comprehensive listing of funding resources, please visit the Identify Funding pages on the website of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.


For limited competitions, general funding resources or custom funding searches please contact:
Catherine Determan
Research Development Office
314-935-8890 or