Lucy and Stanley Lopata Courtyard

There are two Lopata Courtyards on the Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus.

One Lopata Courtyard is located in the Brown School complex between Brown Hall and Goldfarb Hall.

The Lopata Courtyard located in the center of Simon Hall provides a space for business students to go outside, while still staying inside the Olin School of Business. At the beginning of the school year, faculty from the School of Business have a barbecue in the courtyard.

Lucy and Stanley Lopata

Stanley Lopata was a 1935 Washington University College of Arts & Sciences graduate. Founders of Carboline Corporation, Mr. and Mrs. Lopata grew the basement chemical laboratory into a $46 million business. Together, they were longtime friends of the university, and especially the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Other memorials to them on campus are Lopata HallLopata House, the Lopata Classic, a men’s basketball tournament held every fall, and Lopata Plaza.